Fresca Group Signs Deal promoting Colombian Avocados in UK

Fresca Group, one of the biggest names in the UK fresh produce industry, has signed a joint venture with Cartama, the leading Hass avocado grower in Colombia. The resulting company, Cartama UK, will have responsibility for the marketing of Cartama avocado production.

The joint venture business formalises an eight-year trading relationship between the two companies, providing an exciting opportunity to work strategically together for the long term. Both partners share common values and have put product quality first. Every aspect, from production method and fieldcraft through to transportation, ripening and product branding is designed to deliver nothing but the best in quality product. Cartama are without doubt the leading avocado grower in Colombia, and working together with Fresca Group brings a broad market access and expertise along with further investment opportunities to help expand for growth.

Avocados in Colombia grow naturally for over 11 months of the year without the need for artificial irrigation as these avocados are grown surrounded by rainforests where rainfall is plentiful. The trees also require very little in terms of pest control and are grown at varying altitudes to elongate the season. These conditions negate a lot of the seasonal quality challenges which are often experienced at the beginning and end of windows of supply and have generated strong demand for Colombian fruit.

Paul Frowde, General Manager of Cartama UK, says “Cartama have proved themselves time and again to be a world class grower. We have developed a very special respect and relationship between our companies which I know will make this venture a great success. The high fruit volumes from Cartama UK add to and complement our existing supply base for avocados. I have every confidence that we have created a very different and very powerful proposition to suit the retail, wholesale and food service sectors.”

General Manager of Cartama, Ricardo Uribe, is looking forward to working more closely within the UK market. “This union between our companies is formalising what has already been in place for some time. It’s a partnership between two companies who share the vision of providing the best quality Hass avocados to the UK and Europe.”

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