Tesco Commits to Buying 220,000 Cauliflowers

British grown Cauliflowers which have matured early have left growers with a surplus. In an effort to reduce food waste, Tesco have committed to buy 220,000 extra cauliflowers from their suppliers.

Category buying manager David Daniels said on the Tesco website “We use advanced forecasting and ordering systems, but at certain times of the year our farmers see bumper crops. Farmers, call these moments ‘crop flushes’. The result is that they’ll have too much produce,” he writes on a Tesco blog.

“We don’t want to see this extra produce go to waste, so we’ll take it all. Weekly, we sell over 400,000 cauliflowers but this month we will take a further 220,000 from our producers who have seen a peak, following a mild winter.

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